Monday, February 6, 2012

Opportunity with Deloitte -FAS - Data Analytics

Dear Candidate,

POSITION: Sr Associate

Job Location: Hyderabad

In this position Associates will gather, standardize, and analyze voluminous transactional electronic data (e.g., banking records, general ledgers, broker-dealer records, sales and inventory data, medical data, etc.). Associates can expect to:

* Create, manage, and utilize high performance relational databases (SQL Server, Microsoft Access, OLAP and other proprietary software).
* Analyze and mine large data sets to discover patterns, examine financial data and filter for targeted information in support of variety of engagements including anti-fraud and anti-corruption engagements.
* Utilize critical thinking and understanding of business issues to solve complex technical and business related problems through technology.
* Explore and utilize predictive modeling, data visualization and linguistic analysis.
* Develop customized user interfaces for data investigation, reporting, visualization and analytics using .NET languages

AFT team members collaborate with attorneys, forensic accountants, clients, and other investigators to produce analyses in support of an investigation. This is not a 'back-office programmer' position; this is front-line client interaction with tremendous opportunity for growth and advancement.

Candidates should have experience mining and analyzing transactional electronic data. Candidates should also have an undergraduate degree in one or more of the following from an accredited college/university:

1. A dual major/minor combination including Computer Science or Management Information Systems and Business (e.g., Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Management, Statistics).
2. Electrical or other related Engineering disciplines.
3. Management Information Systems.
4. Mathematics.
5. Business or Advanced Analytics

Competency with one or more of the following strengthens an Associate application:

* Microsoft SQL Server (*),
* Microsoft Access,
* Microsoft Visual Basic .Net, VB or VBA,
* Microsoft ASP .Net,
* Oracle,
* OLAP tools,
* SQL, Transact SQL, PL\SQL, and

Preference will be given to candidates with Secret/Top-Secret Clearance and those that have combined capabilities in SQL Server and SAS. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.

If interested, please send your resume at

Shriti Saurav
Recruiting, R10
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd

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