Friday, December 24, 2010

Smile Please........

1)  USA_School Interview for new admission..
Teracher: Who is ur Dad?
His Mom shouted: Plz ask simple questions..!!
SARDAR reads the newspaper.
SARDAR: "He deserved it.. Who told him to wear gold medal while jumping?"!
3) Doctor: which soap u use?
Sardar: Gopal soap, Gopal paste, Gopal brush..
Doctor: Is goapl an international company?
Sardar: No gopal is my room mate...
4) Sardar died of brain tumour bcoz of solving 1 question again n again :
"If my sister has 2 brothers, den how comoe i have only 1 brother?
BOY: Tumhare 12th me kitney percentage the?
GAL: 99%
BOY: Baap re! Itney mein toh 3 ladke pass ho jaate..!
6) Principal: "I tried ur number many times, it said 'switched off.!"
STUDENT: "Ya, its my Caller TUNE".
Princi Shock!!
Students rock.. :-)
7) Sardar: Is KANCH ki kya guarantee h.
Shopkeeper: Aap isko 100 floor se niche girao, ye KANCH 33 floor tak nahi tutuga.
Sarda: Wow..! pack kar do.
8) Man to super hot air hostess: Wat's ur name?
Air hostess: Benz. Sir.
MAn: Lovely name, any relation with Mercedez Benz?
Air hostess smiling: Same price sir!

9) A Tiger killed a sardar ini Zoo.  A Monkey asked y did u particularly kill a Sardar in d crowd?
Tiger: Aur nahi to kya sala kab se keh raha tha "Itni badi billi"..

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